Fiji, 2004 part 2

Gini and I were the team that did the finish work on the guest cabins at Nukuyaweni Resort. I performed the major part of the millwork and cabinetry design and assembly. She performed the invaluable tasks of maintaining the wood racks, and matching color and grain in the tropical hardwoods we were privileged to use. She organized the work site, brought tools to me, and spent endless hours sanding cabinet and furniture parts. She even performed surgery on me when I sliced my right thumb with a very sharp chisel, sewing 5 stitches in my copiously bleeding hand while I dabbed the blood with gauze so she could see what she was doing. She did such a good job that is able to return to work the next day.

The cabins were situated within yards of the ocean and the view was always spectacular. Though we didn’t work directly with the Fijian villagers, we worked side by side with them as they performed all the rock work and masonry on the cabins and paved footpaths that ran all over the resort grounds. They were accomplished masons who not only laid the walls and paths with volcanic rock from the mountains, but laboriously hauled load after load of rock from increasingly distant sources in the foothills of the central mountain chain. They were almost to the man cheerful and friendly all of the time and always willing to drop what they were doing to lend a hand when needed. They sang as they worked, joked and laughed with one another and treated us as equals. They gave Gini the respect she deserved as a fellow worker and showed none of the chauvinism one might expect from some cultures (if you catch my meaning…)    to be continued in next blog………..