During my first “tour of duty” on the island of Gau 2 of 3

The method we used to level all this was use of a water level–another morning lesson.  Our water level consisted of a one gallon sun tea jar with a 25’ long clear plastic tube attached to the spigot at the bottom of the jar. We would fill the jar with water and set it on a pedestal in the middle of the future foundation that was to be at the level of the batter boards.  the level of the water in the tube was the same as the level in the jar. so that wherever we would hold the tube, it established a standard height to measure from. One person would carry a “story pole” around to each batter board location and mark with a pencil a level line on the pole, therefore giving us the level of each batter board in relation to the jar and all the other corners.  By establishing this “standard,” we could then measure up from it and set our concrete forms at any desired level.