post 4 of 4 …..Jerry Mott and his son Kenny, were our electricians. Jerry drove an old Econoline van with “Here Comes Jerry” painted backwards in large letters across the front of the van so when you looked in your rear view mirror, you knew who was behind you. Les Alspach was our plumber, Rolly Bricker was our painter–he had a habit of pursing his lips and making a sound like he was spitting a watermelon seed out, “pptt pptt!”–and then there was a mason we worked with named Don House, a man we called “Old By Golly” because practically every sentence he uttered was interspersed with, you guessed it… “By golly!”

I remember sitting in a bar with Earl after work one day, having a beer, when someone asked another old painter who was there how you got paint to stick to galvanized metal. His name was Don Leveque and he was well known for spending as much time in the bar as on a ladder. His response: “you piss in the bucket!”

I could go on about those days­­in fact, I think I will… See ya next time, and by the way, if you have any memories to share or questions or corrections, write me at